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The power of Networking
for your events

Let your attendees decide who they want to virtually interact and spend more time with, just like in live/in-person events. They also decide what information they want to share in every event.


Versatility and impact in your events

With Resvox you have endless opportunities to have an impact in your business. From networking sessions, business matchmaking, pitch competitions, webinars, conferences, summits, training sessions, casual gatherings and so much more.


Monetization opportunities

Resvox allows you to monetize your event by selling tickets, sponsorships and trade show booths for your events without having to use other platforms. You can also sell products and services on our in-app marketplace. We take care of payments for you.


Everything you need
to create amazing events

All the tools you need and expect for a great event, we have them at Resvox. Registration, monetization communications tools, team management, speaker management, chat, polls, Q&A, reporting, etc.


Ways to use Resvox

B2B and other Matchmaking

With Resvox, you can have any type of matchmaking type of event…

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Virtual Events

Not all virtual events are the same, we know you have found that out through trial…

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Remote Meetings

Conference calls are becoming a thing of the past, kind of like the fax machines…

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Do you have a major event like a conference? Look no further, with Resvox you can have…

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Education is vital and people are more eager to learn from experts, no matter where they are…

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Training sessions

With Resvox you can do training sessions for your new employees, interns, customers, etc…

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Our partners

Company Who Also Worked With Us

We had up to 1,200 possible registrants and had 1,147 team members register with over 1,100 in attendance.

Lauren E. Conway

Sr. Corporate Events Manager

2,797 person-to-person connections were made at the event. One attendee booked over 100 follow-up meetings.

Kent Langley

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Advisor

I wanted to create an engaging and rich experience for attendees. Hopin was the perfect partner for my vision.

Ben Collins

Google Developer Expert